The Rory Gallagher Tribute-CD

the Front cover

There will only 200 CDs be made!!!

The story behind:
I´m a member of the, founded from the musician Barry McCabe.
It´s an e-group about Rory Gallagher and up to now it has more than 110 members all around the world. Barry Mc Cabe knew Rory Gallagher personally for over 20 years.  
One day I found the following message in this e group (written from Bootsy):

From: "bootsy"
Date: Sun Nov 12, 2000 1:48am
Subject: Fan CD

Hello fellow G-Manians. I started this thread on Bullfrog but have realised that not everyone is on Bullfrog. For you G-man people this is the haps. I belong to a Burton Cummings/Guess Who e group that is in the middle of making a fan CD. Since Rory is my first love musically ( next to the BMC band of course ), I have decided to start the same thing with Rory fans. I actually tried this some months ago and got 0 response. But this time the response has been fantastic.
You don't have to be a pro musically, God knows I am not, but ANY FAN who wants to record a Rory song has a shot at making it on this CD. We already have many interested people and I will post their songs after this message.
So if you are interested, ( Pros are welcome too Barry) , please e mail me.

The Rory Gallagher Tribute CD which´s named "Messin´ with the Kid" is the result of this g-man posting. The interest from the members was really huge and now the CD is ready and released. Rory Gallagher-fans from different countries around the world played Rorys songs and sent these to Bootsy. He looked for the best stuff and put it on this CD!
Please click for the setlist of the CD and here are the musicians whose took part. The fact that all "profits" go to charity is a great thing about this project.
Rory Gallagher fans are not only musically aware, they also have big hearts...

However, the Cd can be ordered by sending an e mail to Depending on where you live, Europe or Non-Europe, your order will be serviced by either Bootsy (Non-Europe)... or Barry McCabe (Europe). Details for ordering can be found here.
The CD was compiled and processed at Cradle Rock Studios, Argyle Manitoba, Canada and all proceeds go to the worthwhile charity of the Irish Youth Foundation which supports underpriveleged youth in Ireland, the home country of Rory Gallagher.

BTW, I got my Tribute CD and it´s really great to hear it!!!